Office of the Chief of Staff (OCS)

Office of the Chief of Staff

The Office of the Chief of Staff (OCS) is responsible for maintaining many elements of Bravo Fleet’s organisational structure that affect day-to-day activities and operations. This includes managing membership records and the ship registry list, issuing awards and processing nominations, and overseeing and rewarding competitions. The Chief of Staff serves as a senior official on the Bravo Fleet Admiralty and ensures the smooth operation of these key elements of the organisation.

Member Ranks & Awards

Bravo Fleet members earn ranks and awards as they engage in community activities such as writing fiction, engaging in community discussions, competing in competitions, or online gaming. It is the responsibility of the Office of the Chief of Staff to support Task Forces in issuing promotions when earned, and to process nominations for awards. This ensures activities are rewarded with consistency across the Fleet, and that members can look forward to the acknowledgement and rewarding of their efforts.

Recent Award Winners
himankumar Action Medal with Comet Cluster June 17, 2020
trumpetmaster29 Medal of Achievement June 11, 2020
arcticblast Legion of Honor June 11, 2020
Thomas Legion of Honor June 11, 2020
Mark Legion of Honor June 10, 2020
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Recent Promotions
prabhakar Cadet Freshman Grade August 19, 2020
himankumar Cadet Freshman Grade June 12, 2020
jonileth Lieutenant Commander June 10, 2020
KyleB Rear Admiral June 9, 2020
Thrace Rear Admiral June 9, 2020
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Competitions & Events

The fleet regularly runs competitions for writing, gaming, and all manner of community activities. Many members can propose these competitions, submitting them to the Office of the Chief of Staff, who in turn help organise and promote them, and issue the awards that can be won.

Fleet Registry

Some members may have a starship attached to their record. It is the responsibility of the Office of the Chief of Staff to maintain this registry of ships, ensuring consistency and continuity for ship names and classes. The addition of any new vessels is the Office’s responsibility, and any requests for such from members or Task Force staff must go through them.

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