Task Force 38

Delta Exploration Initiative

Rear Admiral Matthew Cody, Commanding Officer

Task Force Commanding Officer

Rear Admiral Matthew Cody (Mark)

Task Force Executive Officer

Commodore Kudred Valyn (Christopher)

Task Force Chief of Staff

Commander Björn Kodak (iBradPro)

Commander, Delta-One & Commanding Officer, Delta-Bravo/USS Archangel

Rear Admiral Matthew Cody (Mark)

Commander, Delta-Two & Commanding Officer, USS Stargazer

Captain Koloth (Christopher)

Commander, Delta-Three & Commanding Officer, USS Adelphi

Commander Björn Kodak (iBradPro)


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In 2371, the starship Voyager was swept out of the Badlands in Alpha Quadrant by a mysterious and powerful entity only known as ‘The Caretaker,’  stranding the ship 70,000 lightyears away from home in the Delta Quadrant, a full eighty-year journey at maximum warp. This vast and unexplored region of space is home to some of the most powerful and most alien races that the Federation has encountered, including the Voth, the Borg, and the Hirogen. With clever navigating and the use of numerous shortcuts, Voyager was able to shave its journey home from eighty years to seven, but even in that brief time in the quadrant she brought home technological marvels and set the all-time record for first contacts by any Starfleet ship.

Nearly 30 years later, it is now 2399. After numerous attempts, Starfleet is now ready to come full circle and begin the re-exploration of the Delta Quadrant in earnest. After several disastrous attempts that left its long-range vessels stranded, a new short-cut in and out of the quadrant has been found. The Barzan Wormhole, long-thought useless, has finally been stabilized to the extent that it is now able to connect the Alpha and Delta Quadrants on a regular basis and Starfleet has reorganized Task Force 38 and ordered its thirty-two ships to explore along Voyager’s original route.

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Recruitment Spotlight

The sole Federation bastion in the deepest recesses of the Delta Quadrant, Delta-Bravo is the headquarters of Task Force 38. A Turei installation jointly-managed by their Starfleet allies, Delta-Bravo stands guard at the nexus of a series of subspace tunnels, known as Underspace, that reach far across the Delta Quadrant. Ably assisted by a flotilla of purpose-designed support Starfleet vessels, Delta-Bravo is a hub of commerce and industry, attracting a wide array of species to the locale - although threats loom large, as disparate groups seek to turn Underspace to their advantage... or to wrest control from the Starfleet interlopers.


  1. Manage the operations of Federation ships isolated in the Delta Quadrant.
  2. Explore the Gradin Belt, the Nacene Reach, the Nekrit Expanse, and the Swallow Nebula.
  3. Monitor major threats to Federation security: The Borg, Species 8472, and the Voth.
  4. Establish peaceful relations with native species.

Area of Operations

Currently, Task Force 38 mainly operates in the Gradin Belt and the Nacene Reach.

The Gradin Belt is an area of space at the conflux of a number of major powers in the Delta Quadrant, close to the end of Voyager’s journey. Of all of the areas TF38 operates in, this is the region that we know the best. Here, Starfleet’s main priority is monitoring the races in the area and establishing good relationships to allow them to continue their exploratory efforts. This area is home to the Devore, the Hierarchy, the Vaadwaur, and a number of other races that match or exceed the Federation’s technology. Delta-Bravo, the task force’s headquarters, is situated here.

The Nacene Reach is an area of space several thousand light-years in diameter approximately 70,000 light-years from Federation space named for the Nacene, a powerful race of extragalactic explorers who traveled through this area of space centuries ago and built the array that brought the starship Voyager to the Delta Quadrant. This area is home to the Ocampa, the Talaxians, the Haakonian Order, the Kazon Collective, the Trabe, and the Vidiian Sodality and a number of other races that are inferior to the Federation technologically, but which still manage to hold onto vast swaths of territory.

Between these two areas are the Swallow Nebula and the Nekrit Expanse. TF38 will eventually expand its operations to include these two areas, which are much more distant than the other two regions.

The Nekrit Expanse is a nebular region in the Delta Quadrant that provides a natural barrier between the advanced species (such as the Borg, the Devore, etc.) who occupy space closer to the Galactic Core and the resource-poor, technologically-inferior species closer to the rim (the Kazon, Vidiians, etc.). This area of space is largely uncharted because of the navigational challenge it poses even to advanced vessels. This area of space is on the extreme edge of Borg space (including the entrance to the so-called Northwest Passage) and is sparsely populated.

The Swallow Nebula is a large Mutara-class nebula approximately half-way through Voyager’s path through the Delta Quadrant. It is bordered by a number of mid-level powers, including the Alsuran Empire, the Krenim Imperium, the B’Omar Sovereignty, and the Hirogen, and it borders The Void, which separates it from the Gradin Belt by 2,500 light-years. Voyager was largely unable to establish diplomatic relations with the powers in this area of space, but it is critical to do so in order to monitor the Borg, which is why a task group is being sent to attempt to try again.