Task Force 72

Sector Exploration and Necessary Tactical Interdiction Near Enemy Lines

Captain Elisabeth Basmanoff, Commanding Officer

Task Force Commanding Officer

Captain Elisabeth Basmanoff (Chris)

Task Force Executive Officer

Captain Nelson Buechner (rippy)


Southern Alpha Quadrant
Cardassian Border
Gavarian Corridor


Starbase 72
Minos Korva

Task Groups (3)

Active Games (4)

For much of the Federation, the end of the Dominion War in 2375 signaled a return to peace, prosperity, and exploration. Occupation forces withdrew, leaving colonists behind to rebuild their lives in the midst of fire and ash. While the Cardassian and Breen governments fell silent to regroup, Starfleet resumed its primary mission of exploration. New areas of space, such as the Gavarian Corridor, provided new wonders for Starfleet.

Now, in 2399, Task Force 72, focused on the southwestern Alpha Quadrant, is returning in force to keep the peace in a deeply volatile sector of space. Some of the fiercest battles of the Dominion War were fought here and may scars still remain, even 25 years later.

Word of a deeply divided Cardassian Union that is engulfed in a power struggle has reached Federation ears and sparked concerns across the quadrant as people once again fear an unstable Cardassian Union that is eager to make their mark in the galaxy. Few think that the Tholians will remain silent forever. Tensions and fear run high across the sector.

Based out of Starbase 72 in the Minos Korva system, we stand at the crossroads of hostile and unstable powers. From Bajor, to Betazed, to Tyree, to Pacifica, we stand ready to protect the Federation from every threat that emerges. Meanwhile, dozens of star systems that lie beyond these hostile powers are ripe for exploration.

We are the sentinels of the Federation, charged with protecting some of the most important space in the Alpha Quadrant. As we enter a new century, we stand ready to not only meet any threat or challenge that comes our way but to once again explore strange, new worlds and boldly go where none have gone before.

  • Visit the sims of Task Group Athena, charged with protecting the Bajor Sector.
  • Visit the sims of Task Group Hecate, handling internal operations in the Alpha Quadrant & Federation worlds.
  • Learn about the Task Force’s history, the current conflicts, and more.
  • Apply for your own command in Task Force 72.
  • Accept a priority mission from Task Force Command and preserve the stability of the Alpha Quadrant.


  • Covertly monitor the instability in the Cardassian Union.
  • Patrol and monitor the Tholian Assembly border
  • Safeguard Federation interests in the Gavarian Corridor
  • Rebuild and support Federation interests and defenses in the border worlds

Area of Operations

  • Task Force 72 operates in the southern Alpha Quadrant, along the Cardassian and Tholian borders and southward.
  • Task Group Athena is focused on operations in the Bajor Sector.
  • Task Group Hecate is focused on internal affairs for of Federation territory and worlds and exploration of uncharted space.