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Debrah Fergouson

Human Female

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Character Summary

Chief Security/Tactical of the USS Heracles. A former Starfleet Officer, and Commanding Officer for the USS Aurora. Retired and was offered the position of Commandant at Starfleet Academy, with the rank of Admiral in Starfleet; she declined it with the remark that she had spent enough time in Starfleet. She then spent three years saving up a small portion of her retirement pension and purchased her own ship. Was the former Captain of the UFP Torgus. Rejoined Starfleet with a demotion to Commander to serve aboard the USS Heracles after meeting with Captain Vausees in the Gamma Quadrant. She felt a pull from something or someone to rejoin Starfleet, even though she had retired.

Current Assignment

Chief Sec/Tac
USS Heracles