Class Overview

The Intrepid class is a single hull design with the ship’s bridge located on deck one at the dorsal most point of the hull. The deflector dish located in a notched area in the leading edge of the hull. This area also houses the navigational and long range sensor systems. The remaining sensor systems are housed in a sensor dome at the ventral most point of the ship’s hull. The Intrepid class is equipped with four hanger bays built into the aft edge of the hull. The larger two main bays house the ship’s complement of shuttle pods and the lower two bays house the ship’s observation pods.

The lower three decks are extended beyond the aft edge of the hull and are the attach points for the warp pylons that hold the warp nacelles so that they flank the man bridge. This extended section also houses the OFF Axis Field Controller The ship’s impulse engines are located at port and starboard most points of the aft edge of the hull.

To protect the Intrepid Class from the dangers they will encounter in deep space these ships are equipped with Hull Polarization systems. To provide ship’s of this class with offensive capabilities they are equipped with eight Phase Cannons. four of these cannons are located along the dorsal surface of the ship’s hull and the other four are located along the ventral surface of the hull. There are also two torpedo launchers mounted in these ship’s so that they both cover the aft firing arch and are set up to fire both Spatial and Photonic torpedoes.

Class History

n 2148 Starfleet Operations commissioned a team to design a replacement for the ageing Delta Class. The resulting design, named Intrepid, borrowed heavily from the NX class. Construction started in 2150 and completed in 2152. After a short sake down cruise. The Intrepid returned to the ship yards were the ship was equipped with the newly developed Spatial. A final round of testing of the ship and its new weapons system the Intrepid was officially commissioned in 2153.

The Intrepid and other ships of this class were tasked with exploration of missions studying systems previously discovered by other ships. This allows ships like those of the NX class to carry out exploration missions further from Earth and Earth controlled systems. Ships of this class saw action during the Earth / Romulan war and were often tasked with system defense. This allowed the larger Daedalus class and NX class ships to undertake offensive missions into Romulan held systems.

After the end of the war in 2160 and the formation of the United Federation of Planets the Intrepid class ships were transferred to the newly created Federation Star Fleet. Under this new flag the Intrepid class continued to serve as patrol ships. By 2187 the Intrepid was showing its age finally in 2190 the decision was made to retire the class and in 2194 the last active Intrepid class ship was decommissioned.