Class Overview

The Yorktown Class has a twin hull design with the two hull connected by a short neck and the twin nacelles on each side of the secondary hull by nacelle pylons that connect directly from the neck. The overall look of ships of this class overall have a visual appearance similar to the ships that would come to dominate the Star Fleet of the United Federation of Planets. This is due to surface details and design elements of this class along with the overall hull arrangement.

The ship’s bridge is located at the dorsal most point of the primary hull and the bulk of the ships short range and sensor systems are located in a sensor dome at the ventral point of the primary hull. There is a sensor array at the forward most point of the primary hull that houses the ship’s navigational sensor systems. Sick bay and the medical and science labs are located in the primary hull along with the bulk of the crew and guest quarters. The primary hull also houses the ships torpedo launchers and the majority of the ship’s Phase Cannons. Six of the ship’s Phase Cannons are mounted to the dorsal surface of the primary hull and another six of the Phase Cannons are mounted to the ventral surface. The six forward torpedo launchers are located in the forward ventral section of the primary hull so they are below the center line of the hull. The two aft launchers are located to aft dorsal surface of the primary hull so they are above the hulls center line. The ship’s impulse engines are located at the aft most point of the primary hull and are arranged so they flank the point were the ship’s neck connects to the primary hull. There are two cargo bays with bay doors built into the outer hull located on the dorsal surface of the primary hull and are arranged so they flank the ship’s bridge

The secondary hull houses the bulk of the ship’s support systems. The forward end of the secondary hull is dominated by the ship’s deflector dish directly behind the dish are the ship’s long range sensors. The ship’s shuttle bay is located at the aft end of the secondary hull and houses the ship’s shuttles and work pods. There are four cargo bay doors built into dorsal surface of the outer hull with two of these bays located on the port side and the other two on the starboard side of the secondary hull. The ship’s main engineering and the engineering support labs can be found in the secondary hull there is a single Phase Cannon mounted to the dorsal surface of the secondary hull forward of the shuttle bay. There are two Phase Cannons mounted to the ventral surface of the engineering hull. The secondary hull is also equipped with two docking ports with one located on the port side and the other on the starboard side of the hull. The ship’s brig and armory can also be found with in this hull. The primary Hull Polarization Systems are located with in the secondary hull.

Class History

In 2142 the Commanding Officers of Starfleet started looking for a possible replacement for the Daedalus class. To that end Starfleet commissioned a team of engineers from Lunar ship yards to develop the next generation of Heavy Cruiser. This team submitted a ship design in 2145 for review and later that same year the design was approved and construction on the Yorktown was started in early 2146. Construction was completed in 2151. The Yorktown was launched on a shakedown cruise that lasted until 2153. Once the ship returned to Lunar ship yards after the cruise the Yorktown was officially commissioned in the later half of that year.

The ships of the Yorktown quickly became the ship of choice for deep space missions pressing out beyond the boundaries of explored space. Ships of this class were also used for diplomatic missions their size allowed them not only to ferry diplomats to newly contacted civilizations but to host conferences on board. After the start of the Earth-Romulan war in 2156 the Yorktown class saw action across the front lines. These ships were seen at most of the major actions in the war. After the end of the war the Yorktown class ships returned to their primary mission as explorers and once the United Federation of Planets was from the Yorktown Class were transferred to the newly created Federation Starfleet.

The Yorktown continued to operate under the flag of the Federation until 2243 when the decision was made to start the process of decommissioning of the Yorktown class. By this time new ships were out performing the ships of the Yorktown class. In 2248 the last operational Yorktown class was decommissioned 106 years after the Yorktown class was commissioned.