USS Arcturus (NCC-84000)


The Arcturus is an Odyssey-class starship originally built with special modifications to handle leading long-range exploratory missions in the Delta Quadrant, though she has also seen brief service along the Breen border in the Alpha Quadrant. While launched under the command of then-Fleet Captain Elizabeth Hayden, Captain Michael Lancaster assumed command in mid-2399 following her promotion to rear admiral. The ship continues to be Admiral Hayden’s flagship and has resumed her original exploratory mission in the Delta Quadrant.

The Arcturus has a crew of 2,500, among whom are a far larger number of senior officers than most other starships, including four officers holding the substantive rank of captain, serving as commanding officer, executive officer, captain of engineering, and captain of medicine. The ship is a flying starbase, carrying with it a fleet of runabouts and its own support vessel, the USS Hokule’a, an Aquarius-class light escort docked in a stern cradle. She supports a handful of smaller starships also assigned to Admiral Hayden’s long-distance exploratory mission, providing crew recreation opportunities as well as resupply.

Command History

Fleet Captain Elizabeth Hayden (December 2398–March 2399)
Captain Michael Lancaster (March 2399–Present)

Previous Starships to Bear the Name

USS Arcturus (NCC-1807), Constitution-class
Commissioned 2269 | Decommissioned 2300

USS Arcturus (NCC-49801), Ambassador-class
Commissioned 2341 | Decommissioned 2397

USS Arcturus



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5 October 2021

III - Instructions Not Included

USS Arcturus: Dome of Ice

Lieutenant Galan was expecting to spend several hours combing through the structure in order to locate the Tkon beacon that Captain Lancaster was so insistent on reaching. Even accounting for the human’s predilection for punching through delicate archaeological sites with his phaser, surely there [...]

21 September 2021

II - Landing Party

USS Arcturus: Dome of Ice

“Lancaster to Belvedere. Report to main shuttle bay for away duty ASAP,” came Captain Lancaster’s disembodied voice slightly muffled from the ensign’s combadge.  Belvedere bolted up from bed, biting the inside of his cheek to avoid letting out a stream of curses. He hissed when he banged [...]

17 September 2021

I - Excavation

USS Arcturus: Dome of Ice

Using her main phaser arrays, it had taken the Arcturus almost three hours to cut the trench. Through a dozen meters of ice and another dozen meters of ruined cityscape and frozen topsoil, the ship burned a circle two kilometers down to the bedrock on the surface of Eta Torrensis IV. At the center [...]

30 August 2021

V - Three Bottles of Wine

USS Arcturus: Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit

Assistant Chief Medical Officer’s Log, Supplemental. Starship Arcturus. As we reintegrate the crew between both sections of the ship, it’s been a little bit of a headache resuming our regularly scheduled medical routine, especially when it comes to patients who receive regular [...]