USS Heracles (NCC-80555)

Vausees and her ship have returned to the Gamma Quadrant and are currently in a stationary position outside of an uncharted and supposedly new system of planets.


USS Heracles



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5 October 2021

Angelikós – Part Two

USS Heracles: Echo's of Echoes

Stardate: 74559.02 Time: 1439 hours Location: Gamma Quadrant – Angelikós & Daímonas Planetside   Placing her arms around Debrah, Vausees laid her head on Debrah’s back as she relished at the moment; moments that the two had plenty of since Debrah’s transfer onto the Heracles, [...]

30 September 2021

Angelikós - Part One

USS Heracles: Echo's of Echoes

Stardate: 74557.93   Time: 0410 hours   Location: Gamma Quadrant – Angelikós   Planetside   As both Vausees and Debrah stood on a transporter pad, their bodies having fully rematerialized from the data stream that they had just moments ago been in, they looked about and [...]

25 September 2021

Deception, Why?

USS Heracles: Echo's of Echoes

Stardate: 74557.23   Time: 2131 hours   Location: Gamma Quadrant   USS Heracles   Vausees sat in the Ready room, her focus on the image of Thý’ella as it was displayed on the holographic monitor that sat on her desk. Thoughts of the last thing that she had done on the bridge [...]

17 September 2021

Disguises - Things are not always what they appear to be.

USS Heracles: Echoes of the Tkon: Vanishing Point

Stardate: 74537.95   Time: 0528 hours   Location: Gamma Quadrant – A Tkon outpost   USS Heracles   —Situation Room—   Vausees, Thý’ella, Debrah, and Cody all stood around a newly scanned holographic layout of the outpost. Glowing in a light blue hue was [...]