USS Endeavour (NCC-87507)


Endeavour is a Manticore-class starship under the command of Captain Matt Rourke. As one of the most combat-ready vessels in Starfleet, she is regularly assigned to the Federation’s most fraught borders, particularly in the vicinity of The Triangle. Equipped with a Combat Information Centre for strategic analysis of ongoing threats and with several among her command staff seasoned in criminal investigations and anti-piracy operations, Endeavour is commonly dispatched to counter organised threats to Federation border worlds.

Commissioned in 2396, Endeavour was part of the second wave of Manticores. Veteran Captain Leo MacCallister oversaw the final stages of her construction before she was commissioned. Under his direction, she was not only equipped with the state-of-the-art scientific mission pod, but streamlined diplomatic facilities and a more habitable, comfortable interior that gives Endeavour the feel, if not the profile, of a more classic Starfleet cruiser than either a luxurious modern explorer or ascetic tactical escort. Under MacCallister’s command, Endeavour spent three years in the Beta Quadrant conducting scientific surveys in regions considered too dangerous for other ships and mediating disputes where her firepower acted as a deterrent to violence.

In early 2399, the ship was heavily damaged rescuing a civilian ship from a pirate ambush, a catastrophe that incapacitated MacCallister and killed several of the senior staff. Then-Commander Matthew Rourke was directed to replace MacCallister on a temporary basis, uprooting the pirate threat, and bringing with him several new officers to fill the vacant billets. It was on this operation and under Rourke’s supervision that the CIC was installed. Upon the successful mission, Rourke was promoted to captain and given permanent command.



Command History

Captain Leonidas MacCallister (March 2396 – February 2399)
Captain Matthew Rourke (February 2399 – Present)


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USS Endeavour



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