USS Centaur (NCC-42043)

Hundred year old ship, still well in service, doing it's best on the front lines to scout, protect and preserve any of those who are being wronged or are in need. But on a starship where diagnostics must be done manually, and maintenance performed frequently, can she really keep going?



The USS Centaur has been in service for over a hundred years. She was once among many of her own class, but now down to a very few after the Dominion War. Now she simply serves in Task Force 93 under command of Captain John Carter, providing humanitarian aid as best as they can to their Romulan Friends. Only that there is only so much that the Centaur can do with her size, but it does not mean that the Captain or the First Officer, or the entire bridge crew won’t do their very best with what they have, whether it is providing escort, relief, or gathering vital intelligence for the rest of the Task Force.

Though, being a hundred year old ship…things are starting to get a little weird on board.

USS Centaur



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8 October 2021

Chapter One

USS Centaur: Mission 3: Soldar

Ajis stood there as he sipped his tea, staring at the holographic screen before him that displayed the vessel before him, the vessel where his target was currently on. And on the right side of that, was a display of the deep systematic and structural scan that the Advance AI had been conducting for [...]

24 September 2021

Chapter Ten - It was all a Test...

USS Centaur: Episode One: Getting our Footing

(Unfortunately I am going to do my best to condense anything I had planned into one final chapter. It’s not that i don’t know what to do, i completely have it all planned out up until the end but after the FA event, I’ve been eager to get started on the very next mission that [...]

15 September 2021

Epilogue - Galaxy is Safe Once Again...for now

USS Centaur: Episode Two Phase Three: Enlightment

Mizu flopped her back on her bed, wearing mostly her top and starfleet issued undies. “Ugh, feels like we have been at warp foooooor-eveeeeeeerrrr.” She groaned. Ruby finishing up his reports on his duties he did today, just brief really, following the ‘Keep It Simple [...]

15 September 2021

Chapter Fifteen

USS Centaur: Episode Two Phase Three: Enlightment

Styles stared at all four of them, having sat down in a deep divot in the wall of the Pyramid when they told him who they were. “I’m sorry but, you’re what now?” “We are with the United Federation of Planets. We serve on board a Starfleet vessel called the USS Centaur. [...]