Roosevelt Station(CR-483)

The last Starfleet outpost before the Breen border. This is where the hammer falls.


Build within the rogue asteroid Garen Epok, Roosevelt Station was originally a Breen manned communication relay, helping organize slave raids before being upgraded as a forward command center during the Dominion War.

After the War, the Breen ceded Garen Epok to the Federation, and Starfleet occupied it, using it as the listening post and resupply station closest to Breen space. It has for the last year been commanded by Commander Eden Seraphina Enigma, an accomplished young officer with experience with the Breen going back to her days as a cadet.

Roosevelt Station



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30 September 2021

Inheritance 5

Roosevelt Station: 4: Inheritance

Erika Tatsu sat at a cafe on the station’s Promenade – a massive chamber carved out by the Breen to train soldiers, converted by Starfleet and the Lagashi into a commercial district to help morale in the cold darkness of the asteroid – and sipped her drink. Iced tea mixed with the [...]

30 September 2021

Inheritance 4

Roosevelt Station: 4: Inheritance

Through her life in Starfleet as both a child and an officer, Eden Enigma had only been aboard a starship as it landed once, and that had been the LSN Seldon on an orbital platform during her exchange tour. But there was a landing pad for the Healer’s Hope near her family’s estate, so [...]

15 September 2021

Inheritance 3

Roosevelt Station: 4: Inheritance

It was decidedly odd, T’Ren thought, to be working alone in Commander Enigma’s office. Even a month of working with the Commander had led to a rhythm to the space – Enigma’s brilliant energy amplified by Ensign Li Ling’s understanding of how the Commander thought, [...]

14 September 2021

Inheritance 2

Roosevelt Station: 4: Inheritance

“You will miss a most glorious day,” Kron, son of Kator, walked at Eden’s left side, opposite T’Ren. “There is a major sectorwide scientific symposium focusing on star formation within the Valoris Nebula taking place on Lagash next week, and we have arranged for [...]