Attendance of the STO Lohlunat Festival


Risa is a paradise, and all are welcome. Once again, Star Trek Online has opened up Risa as part of the Summer event – the Lohlunat Festival is all about rest and relaxation in the tropical paradise. Ride just above the waves on a hoverboard. Float through the air with a floater. Or just grab a chair and show your horag’hn to seek jamaharon.

In support of this, Bravo Fleet wants you to relax and have a good time, because shore leave is just as important as blowing up a few pixels. But just like the most stubborn of Starfleet captains that refuse to take vacations, we want you to prove that you are having a relaxing time on shore leave, so we invite you to write your character out a little role-play for how they would enjoy themselves down on Risa. Would they be a Picard, just trying to relax and read a book? Would they be a Worf, unable to relax and trying to ruin it for everyone else? Or would they get into a misadventure, like Reed and Trip?

Let your imaginations run wild.

  • The writing must be a maximum of 500 words.
  • The writing must be geared for a 13+ audience.
  • In addition to the writing, you must obtain at least two screenshots of your character in their most relaxing beach attire per your story. The better the screenshot depicts some part of the story you are trying to tell, the better. Maximum amount of screenshots is four.


Please read through and view each competition submission before making your decisions. As a general rule of thumb, the earliest person who submitted a fully correct entry should earn first place, although this may vary depending on the competition you hosted. Don't forget to compare each entry with your criteria as a rubric for grading! Feel free to contact the Chief of Staff if you have any questions about the judging process.

User ID Content Date Entry
Jackson Porter 2115 LINK FOR SCREENSHOTS: As soon as Jackson’s pattern materialized on Risa, a local came up to him and told him about a floater, which is a jet pack-like thing that could let him see the whole island. Since he loved just pretty much anything having to do with flying, he walked over to the vendor and rented one. Before he could change out of his uniform, Jackson was up and flying above the beachfront. The controls were different than anything he had flown before, but it didn’t take long to get used to them. He tried to fly up higher to get a view of the other side of the mountain, but a sudden breeze turned him around and sent him spinning out of control for a few moments. Just as he was about to slam into the top of a building during a pre-programmed racecourse, Jackson regained control and managed to just miss joining the bird droppings on the roof. Slowly reaching the finish line, Jackson brought the floater to a slow and went over to the sales booth. He decided to buy a little more time and use the floater to explore the island. After going around the island and checking out the horga’hn statues of all sizes, Jackson returned to the floater sales booth and returned it. By then, it wasn’t too long from sunset. After looking at what the various vendors had to sell, Jackson decided to go back to the beach and find a nice place to relax. Even though he had never been to Risa, Jackson knew he had plenty of time over the next couple days of shore leave to explore more of what the planet had to offer. For now, lying on a beach chair and enjoying the sunset was a perfect way to spend the rest of the evening. 2020-08-30 17:24:04
Samux Dewi 2147 Space, an eternal darkness. Still mostly undiscovered by most and full of conflicts, miracles and terrors. The battle hardened crew of the Romulan Republic Battlecruiser Silvanna embark on a mission of relaxation. Under the Command of Romulan Admiral Samux Dewi the ship has changed heading to the Risian festival planet for some relaxation from the ongoing conflicts. “Commander Karava, please get these schedules to the senior staff so they can begin organizing landing parties once we arrive. I want rotating shifts and security needs to remain vigilant.” Samux handed a padd to his Executive Officer. She nodded and saluted and dismissed herself. Samux turned to his terminal and entered the schedules into the system. He made sure to give everyone equal time, he knew his team needed this vacation drastically. For the past year it has been non-stop conflicts, political interventions, escorting diplomats and so on. The ship did boast a healthy onboard entertainment variety The Silvanna was a Federation designed cruiser that was shared with it’s allies. With permission from their allies the Romulan Republic has converted some aspects of the ship to fit the Romulan lifestyle. Upon arrival at Risa, Samux has initiated shore leave and has listed himself near the last group to leave the ship. Though he never had time to shop before he will have to visit one of the tailors on the island to get a swim suit created for him, much better than the replicator normally could generate he felt. When it became time for Samux to enjoy his vacation he found peace meditating on a smaller beach surrounded by rocks, he apparently wasn’t the only one as others would appear to meditate or do this human method called Yoga. It was similar to military breathing training techniques he learned in his years but like Vulcans many Romulan’s enjoyed the meditation. When he isn’t meditating the Admiral can be found flying around on his custom Riser that he had won from racing on the island. Boasting a much more impressive power output than the standard units. He enjoyed the tight turns of the Sky high races and even found himself taking in a few surfing competitions. Samux found himself spending his two days on shore leave meditating, racing around the island, surfing, diving and even socializing with other species. After all as a senior military officer he was seen as a diplomat at times. He always wanted to fish but he ended up socializing more than he should have and before he knew it his wrist indicator was going off alerting him to the end of shore leave. Samux stood on the bridge over looking Risa. A smile crept across his face while he overlooked the planet. He felt more at peace and ready to take on the stars again. Space: The final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship, Silvanna. Its mission. To explore strange new worlds, protect the needy and to seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no Romulan has gone before. 2020-08-20 06:39:02 View Image
2037 In his blue pair of shorts, Doctor Ross of the USS Shanghai was on his first trip to Risa. He heard good things from his academy friends. One of his nurses said Risa was overrated. Gavin walked along the beach for miles. His aviators blocked the sun's rays. Eventually, he decided to sit on a white beach chair. Easing back in the seat, he set aside his beach towel and backpack. Palm trees lined the beach. “Just one sun.” Gavin smelled the ocean breeze. A smile formed across his face. The warmth was soothing. He reached in his backpack for a padd and a cigar. Biting off the end, he flicked his metallic lighter on, burning the end. “We won’t tell anyone, won’t we?” He mumbled, with the butt end in his mouth. He leaned back in the sun chair, Gavin’s muscles relaxing, gleaming a bit of sweat. Puffing out, the cigar smoke gently breezed off into the ocean wind. Tunes played merrily off in the distance. Beach games and events were all around. The resort was busy at every turn. “A drink?” A Risean female server attended his side. The service was impeccable. “A drink?” Ross lifted his shades upward to his forehead. “Yes. You are missing one.” She smiled, holding her order padd ready. “Drinks are all-inclusive.” “Thank you. I’ll have a Tom Collins.” Ross ordered. “I can get it.” “You are on vacation. I shall be back in a moment.” The server smiled, retreating behind his beach chair. “That was nice.” Ross slipped his aviators back on. He picked up his padd of Brave New World by Huxley. “Hello.” A female greeted. “Hello,” Gavin replied. “Your Horgon is showing.” The female eyed the statue sitting beside him in the sun-drenched sand. “What’s showing?” Ross put down his padd, turning to look at his crotch. The woman pointed to a statue made of driftwood beside him. “Your Horgon. You’re seeking?” She smiled. “That literally came from nowhere.” He protested, embarrassment crossing his face. “Oh, I see. Perhaps I am not who you seek. Perhaps a male?” She asked. “That server.” Ross paused. “She placed it there.” “Please. Sit.” He sat upward in his chair, not to be rude. “I am Muriel. I am from Earth.” Muriel slipped into the chair beside Ross. “Your drink.” The waitress returned. He puffed on his cigar, before butting it out in the pristine sand. “Thank you, I appreciate it.” He turned to tip with his ID card, only to see her shun the credit. “Please, we only serve to pleasure.” “I see your Horgon has been showing!” The waitress smiled. “A Drink.” She turned to Muriel. “I would love a drink. A Mojito, please.” Muriel smiled. “Certainly,” The server smiled, picking up the Horgon she placed earlier. “Did she take the Horgon? You know what that means!” Muriel rolled her eyes. “I… Hello. I’m Gavin. Nice to meet you.” He turned to the company. Perhaps this would be a beautiful vacation. 2020-08-20 03:47:37 View Image

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