Elevator Pitch


Imagine, you find yourself in an elevator at your local Star Trek Convention. You have a captive audience! You want them to know about this great place where you spend a lot of online time – Bravo Fleet! What would you say?

Write your best “elevator pitch” about Bravo Fleet. In a paragraph or so, write your take on what Bravo Fleet is. Be sure to include all aspects of our fleet: Writing & Roleplaying, Competitions, and Gaming.

The winning submission may be used in recruitment ads, social media posts, and/or on our website.

Note: Submissions may also be modified for future use by the BF Comms Office in the execution of its duties.

  • No longer than 250 words.
  • Must mention all three aspects of our Fleet in some way.
  • The word "community" must be used in the pitch.


Please read through and view each competition submission before making your decisions. As a general rule of thumb, the earliest person who submitted a fully correct entry should earn first place, although this may vary depending on the competition you hosted. Don't forget to compare each entry with your criteria as a rubric for grading! Feel free to contact the Chief of Staff if you have any questions about the judging process.

User ID Content Date Entry
Vakai 2223 Who all here likes communities? No? Yeah I sure don’t. Meeting new people, being shy and nervous all the time, it’s a hassle all the time, ain’t it? Well except for this one. If you like to write science fiction stories, create your own characters and build a reputation with others, then Bravo Fleet is for you. How is that? They have everything you need to create as many characters as you want, create bios, history, and then write up stories about your characters. They also have competitions, play video games together, even create a gaming sim group where multiple people can put their characters on and interact together on a single ship or station. They also have a discord server where you can join, introduce yourself and get to see just about everything that everyone is doing. Request your own avatars or when you get your own command, your own ship banner and plaque. There are many possibilities that you can do here, including the one where you get to create a gaming sim group, doesn’t have to be based in the year that Bravo Fleet is in. You like the DS9 era, then go on back to it. What about when the Enterprise and Excelsior just demolished a Klingon BoP that can fire while cloaked? Or what about Pre-Federation? Or heck, even the Terran Empire? You can do all those things. Last question. What are you waiting for? Join Bravo Fleet Now! -Elevator Pitch by JShepard -Sent @2345 on 03/29/2021 2021-03-30 03:45:59
2221 Bravofleet is as close to joining Starfleet as you can get! Learn how to be a member through the Academy, progress in rank and live in the dynamic world, that adapts, changes and grows. Just like Starfleet! Create 3 charectors, 5, become an Admiral or department head. Captain a runabout and act like its the enterprise. The world's your oister. I can tell you it's a writing group, that you'll create charectors and place them in endless stories aboard Starships and military task forces. True. But I'd be doing it a major disservice also. It is a vast community, which fosters hobbies; gaming, imaginitve world building, communication, Graphics creation, competitions Etc. Your progress is tied to rank, and opens up new opportunities. Become a depertment head, executive officer on your favourite class ship and eventually rise to occasion as Captain of the USS - name it what you want. Its your ship. All set in the World of Star Trek, imagining what happens when the camera stopped rolling. 2021-03-26 12:03:26

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