Sentinels of Peace: Faces of the Frontier


Every culture, no matter their tendencies toward peace or war, have individuals who trade words for the betterment of their representative peoples. Whether they are simply attempting to put their own interests at the forefront of negotiations, or if they are subtle and evasive about what they wish to accomplish, there isn’t a power in the Milky Way that does not have someone who speaks for them in diplomatic situations. These people come in all the many varieties that one could imagine, no less so than any other occupation. Sadly, these often unsung heroes go unnoticed by the majority of the people they serve, their work neither glamorous nor filled with action from day to day. But they are heroes nonetheless, and we want to put a ‘face’ to those who shape the frontier behind the scenes.

In this competition, you will be creating a biography for a diplomat!

  • Characters shall be posted to the BFMS system, as cameo characters, and published so that they can be seen by our judges. Please include a link to your published character in the entry.
  • Characters should be newly-written for this contest, not currently-played characters, though you're free to do whatever you want with the character after the competition is over.
  • Characters can be from any known race and do not need to be 'Federation' diplomats should the chosen race be a member species.
  • Entries will be judged on creativity, insight into the character, and the contributions that they have made 'behind the scenes'. Spelling and grammar will be used to break ties in the event that there is one.


Please read through and view each competition submission before making your decisions. As a general rule of thumb, the earliest person who submitted a fully correct entry should earn first place, although this may vary depending on the competition you hosted. Don't forget to compare each entry with your criteria as a rubric for grading! Feel free to contact the Chief of Staff if you have any questions about the judging process.

User ID Content Date Entry
Keren tr'Serov 2109 2020-12-22 02:08:05
Felrak Vordenna 2187 Introducing the Great Progenitor of Greneweyr: 2020-12-18 17:28:18

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