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Command Character

Captain Jennifer Weston


Proposal by DarthCrusader


USS Retribution Star Trek Into Darkness Ship
Proposal by DarthCrusader
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Type Years
In Bravo Fleet 0
In General 9

Bravo Fleet Simms

Simm Position Start Year End Year
Chief Engineer 2021 2021
Second Officer 2021 2021

Other Simms

Simm Organization Position Start Year End Year
Chief of Security 2019 2020
Fleet Officer 2015 2018
Head of Romulan Expeditionary Forces 2015 2018



Kelvin Timeline

A group of disgruntled workers on the secret USS Vengeance project who had come to hate the Federations outlook on the war and the insufferable want for diplomatic relations took the second prototype which was to be kept in deep isolation.

The person who headed this coupe was Captain Jennifer Weston, a woman who had worked her way up in the ranks of S31. The prototype was quickly whisked away and all evidence was destroyed by Westin and her crew. Their goal is to wreak havoc on the enemies of the Federation and if the Federation gets in their way, destroy them as well.
Westin had prepared for this by having the location of another dock hidden in an undisclosed location to hide the ship from pursuers. The ship, which is better in every way, was able to escape and began its mission to destroy any who oppose the ideals of the true federation which Westin and her crew deem as S31. Weston, a master of espionage and deception, can disappear in a crowd and never be spotted. Her crew is the best of the best and their loyalty is unmatched.

Weston’s father is an Admiral in Starfleet and his sole purpose is to find Jennifer, though he does not know it is her and bring her to justice. Jennifer’s long-term goal is unknown, but what is known is she will not strike until she is ready. The tenacity of Weston could be the biggest enemy the Federation has ever had. Her love for S31’s ideals is the most dangerous weapon she has and she will destroy anything that stands in her path.
Weston's first goal is to destroy any Klingon ships that veer near Federation borders, but also to methodically attack the Klingons in their space and disappear before they can be found. The goal is to destroy the threat the Klingons pose for the Federation, but as judge, jury, and executioner she will be hunted. Weston will destroy any station or colony that stands in her way.

This story is evolving but it is meant to be played in the perspective of a villain and to allow others to play what most people do not particularly see as enjoyable. I have an evolving story of a war breaking out,

The Kelvin universe is not well known and I acknowledge that it would be like writing a new story that has never been played before. As the villain, the plans are a bit different than the ideals of Starfleet. The thoughts of these games are to cause chaos that paramount to war with the Federation. The full plan is to build the revolt against the Federation and build a formidable fleet for the Federation to take on. So rather than war with the many other factions this would be based on fighting an enemy who knows the tactics and ideals of Starfleet.

This is a fight between the good and what most consider evil each mission may add to what people think of the revolt against the Federation. The people are tired of no action against the enemies of the Federation and as a ship and crew are not only fighting the enemies but handing them all crushing defeats. The growth of the revolt adds to the supplies and actions that the revolt can proceed with. The actions will be claimed to have been all actions of S31. Jennifer is working in the same capacity of Section 31 and they have approved of the actions taken by Jennifer though it is to the dismay of her father who still believes S31 is nonexistent.


Mission Concept 1

The first mission is to scout and see the open options for the Retribution to attack. A scouting mission to the borders of the neutral zone to find willing and key locations that Section 31 can use for building their forced against the enemies of the Federation. As they began to scout they also spread their propaganda for recruitment each time adding more evidence for people to rally for their cause. The plan to see if the enemies had infiltrated the neutral zone as well and if so to use the show of power to possible scare them from any attacks.

Mission Concept 2
Mission Concept 3

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