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Command Character

Captain Sebastian Bennett


Proposal by SamAubrey


USS Resilience
Proposal by SamAubrey
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Type Years
In Bravo Fleet 6
In General 25

Bravo Fleet Simms

Simm Position Start Year End Year
Chief Flight Control Officer, Second Officer, First Officer 2015 2019
Chief Operations Officer, Second Officer 2015 2017
Chief Science Officer 2015 2015
Chief Medical Officer 2019 2019
Chief Medical Officer 2016 2017
First Officer 2018 2020
Chief Science Officer, Second Officer 2018
Chief Medical Officer 2020

Other Simms

Simm Organization Position Start Year End Year
Can't remember Chief Medical Officer 1996 1997
Starfleet Sim Group / Independent Commanding Officer 1997 2004
Independent GM 1998 2003
Obsidian Fleet Chief Flight Control Officer 2010 2011
Obsidian Fleet Chief Medical Officer 2010 2011
Obsidian Fleet Chief Flight Control Officer 2012 2014
Independent Smuggler, Ambassador 2002 2004



The year is 3069.

The Eisenberg-Class ship USS Apache is visiting the supply yard at New Glasgow, when the events of The Burn occur. The Apache is destroyed, along with all ships in the galaxy with an active Warp core. The survivors of the event need to cobble up a functioning ship with the material they will find at the supply yard, and render assistance to the survivors of the Burn scattered throughout the sector, while they also attempt to regain contact with the Federation.

An ongoing theme of the sim would be the personal trauma suffered by the crew as a result of the Burn - the loss of loved ones, who have either died, or who are now cut off from the crew. Eventually the rise of the Emerald Chain could be covered, with pirates attempting to raid the supply yard.


Mission Concept 1


The Eisenberg-class USS Apache departs from its latest port, on a mission to recover supplies from the supply yard at New Glasgow. A Science team of disembarks at Omicron Ceti III for a tour of an archaeological site, which would be located within 5 light-years from New Glasgow. Since this is a milk-run mission for the Apache, the ship also carries a contingent of junior officers and cadets, some of which are beaming down to New Glasgow to visit the colony and the supply yard.

Mission Concept 2

The Burn

The Apache arrives at New Glasgow. Some of the senior staff attends meetings on the base, others beam down with the cadets and trainees to the Colony or to visit the supply yard, when the events of the Burn occur suddenly. The Apache is destroyed with all hands, along with any ship in the supply yard with an active Warp core.

Most of the team at Omicron Ceti III survives, but their Warp-capable shuttle is destroyed, and the pilot and a couple of the security detail who were on the shuttle, are killed. Several members of the team on the ground are injured in the explosion.

Mission Concept 3

The Recovery

The surviving Apache crewmembers gather and try to determine what happened. Since they now have no spaceworthy ship, they must try to cobble together a functioning ship from the empty hulks in the supply yard. A search is undertaken throughout the yard to locate any intact dilithium fragments that might help them to power up the Warp core. Not enough dilithium is found to undertake a galaxy-wide search, but enough to patrol the sector, collect survivors, and bring them back to New Glasgow.

The team stranded at Omicron Ceti attempts to send out a distress signal, unaware of what has transpired on the galactic stage.

Mission 4: The Rescue

Now equipped with a functioning ship, the crew begins to search the surrounding systems in an attempt to locate survivors who would have been stranded on Warp-incapable ships (shuttles and the like) and who would now be stranded by the destruction of their mothership. The crew also rescues the archeological team at Omicron Ceti.

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