Fleet Operations

Fourth Fleet Forward Operating Forces

Rear Admiral Aubrey Seagraves, Commanding Officer

Welcome to Fourth Fleet Operations. From here, you can access all of the games (a.k.a. “sims” or writing groups) currently in service with Bravo Fleet, ranging from our core canon set in 2399 to stories set in the 23rd Century to Alternate Realities. Each of these groups is free to interact with the entirety of our lore, rather than being confined to a single area of space, while also each having its own niche to offer a unique storytelling experience. Click on the ‘Games’ tab to browse our offerings in their entirety, or navigate to a specific set of games from the list on the left. You can also see the entire registry and sort by class, name, and status here.

Recruitment Spotlight

The USS Spartan is gathering crew for its mission to protect and defend Federation colonies along the Breen border. If you're interested in serving on a smaller starship with a tightly-knit crew, the Spartan is the right choice for you!
The USS Hippocrates is an Olympic-class medical starship. Essentially a flying hospital, this ship is built to carry out the all-important humanitarian functions of Starfleet, handling everything from acute medical emergencies to setting up hospital facilities to researching diseases. She's in need of crew!
A smart, quick, and lean science vessel, the Sagan is looking for a new captain!

Area of Operations

The Expeditionary Group contains all of our active starships set in 2399 and ranges from smaller science vessels and frigates to front-line explorers to medical and support vessels, all set in various places across the Milky Way.

The Forward Support Group contains all of our active starbases set in 2399, ranging from alien installations to asteroid relay stations to full Federation starbases, dispersed all around Federation space and beyond.

As the primary shipyard in use by the Fourth Fleet, Avalon Fleet Yards is home to all of the starships that are currently looking for new captains. If you have an interest in running your own game as a game manager, peruse several pre-built game concepts or propose your own concept entirely!

The Historical Group contains all of our starships and starbases set within Bravo Fleet’s canon but operating earlier or later than 2399, thus encompassing the entire history of Star Trek and its various series and movies.

The Alternate Reality group contains all of our starships and starbases set outside of Bravo Fleet’s core canon, whether in an established alternate universe like the Mirror Universe or some other alternate take on Star Trek’s canon. These games each exist as entirely self-contained entities.

The Holodeck contains all of our games set outside of Star Trek entirely, including Battlestar GalacticaStar Wars, and historical fiction!