Task Force 86

Fourth Fleet Border Operations

Following the synth attack on Mars in 2385, the Federation consolidated her borders and pulled back on her exploratory missions to focus on protecting Federation worlds and citizens.  This action caused power vacuums to arise in several areas, allowing criminal organisations to fill those vacuums.

Operating out of a Starbase on the edge of the Azure Nebula, Task Force 86 is charged with border defence and counterinsurgency operations throughout the Federation.  From its Headquarters on Starbase 86, the Task Force manages and co-ordinates patrols of the Federation’s borders with her neighbours and responds to incursions, monitors criminal activity within Federation space and works with local governments and communities to push back against and disrupt that criminal activity.

One particular area of concern for the Federation is The Triangle, an unaligned region between the borders of the Federation, the Romulan Republic and the Klingon Empire.  The Triangle has always been a hotbed of criminal activity but the Federation’s shift in focus over the past fifteen years allowed several criminal groups to expand their operations and threaten the stability of worlds throughout the Federation.

Headquarters Group

Task Force Headquarters is located on the Aurora-class Starbase 86 on the edge of the Azure Nebula.  From here the Task Force Commanding Officer can manage border and counterinsurgency operations throughout the Federation while simultaneously keeping an eye on activity within the Triangle.

Task Group 64

Task Group 64 is tasked with border operations; patrolling the Federation’s borders with her neighbours, responding to hostile forces crossing into Federation space, assisting communities along those border regions and working with them to push back against criminal elements trying to gain a foothold.

Task Group 25

Task Group 25 is the anti-piracy group of Task Force 86.  They are responsible for tracking down criminal elements throughout the Federation, disrupting their activities and protecting Federation worlds from their nefarious actions.

Task Force Objectives

The primary objectives of our Task Force, carried out through the stories of our members.

Manage Starfleet’s border defense and counterinsurgency operations.

Monitor criminal organisations operating within the Triangle region.

Develop and maintain relationships with local governments and communities.

Assist local governments in preventing and combatting criminal activity.

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Task Force Roster

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Starbase 86

Task Group 25

Task Group 64