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Part of Starbase 72: The Beginning of Something New

Confusion and Conflicts

USS Trent
September 2399
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After the team broke into their separate assignments, Neil went to work on Vex’s tasks.  The basics of his job were to find anything on the religious and mythological beliefs and legends of the Koruku people.  It was no small task, seeing that Starfleet didn’t have a lot of information on these people.  From the outside looking in, Koruku was an M-class planet, almost bordering on O-class.  The planet appeared aquatic in nature, judging from her surface, with one large ocean covering over ninety-five percent of her surface.  

With a vast majority of its surface consisting of either ocean water or other large bodies of water, Koruku III was an exceptionally humid planet.  Comparing the landmasses to Earth, Neil’s only reference was the tropics; the Amazon probably more accurately fit the planet Koruku’s temperature and weather.  Neil wasn’t actually looking forward to this visit.  He preferred a dry heat and hoped that their contact with the surface would be minimal. 

The people, however, were vastly different from the people of Earth. The people of Koruku III lived in an outdated feudal system, a society with its people in the service of a Lord or King.  Convincing these people of the omega particle was almost, if not entirely, impossible.  The more Neil read of these people, the more he was convinced that deception and trickery would be the only way to move these people.   While he still struggled with this clear violation of the Prime Directive, he was also confident that a more elite team would be sent here to finish the job if they didn’t.  Their only chance was to get the ship’s systems to work to their advantage.  

There was one thing that gnawed at him, however.  These people were simple.  Their lifestyle was hardly beyond the iron age.  They were primitive by modern Earth standards.  Just what could the people of Koruku III have done to warrant a full-scale emergency evac?  The more he thought about it, the more he was convinced that Starfleet wasn’t giving them all the details.  Something else had to be going on.  There was no way that the people of Koruku III were on the Federation’s radar.  But, if the Federation wasn’t worried about the Koruku, then who were they worried about?   What could possibly have happened to warrant their removal from the continent?

He closed the terminal for the moment as he was allowing his mind to drift around.  The more he read, the more he kept asking more and more questions.  Questions were not his assignment.  Finding a way to help move these people without completely obliterating the Prime Directive that was his assignment.  He reached up, rubbing his temples as he sighed.  He looked out the window of the runabout, trying to wrap his head around this entire thing.   He knew the Federation well enough to know that they wouldn’t ask this of them without good reason.  But, on the flip side, he was not comfortable with the unknown.  He reached up and flicked the terminal back on in front of him.  He was determined to review the planet’s details once more. He was certain they had missed something.  

With the simple current level of development on the planet, convincing these people to move would be easy.  A massive light show, properly timed phasers, and possibly a torpedo tied into the holo emitters, one could convince the people of just about anything.  They could make an actual dragon appear and, to an extent, destroy the main cities and villages. He looked at the screen, “and what then,” he told himself, not really caring what was in the room.

The Trent’s job was to move these people and what, leave them?  Their only instructions were to contact Starfleet and keep the area secure.  It was all damn strange, but this entire assignment was cryptic at best.  He sighed again as he considered all the options. He stood up from the table as he walked over to the replicator. 

“Coffee hot,” he ordered, “two creams, two sugars.”   He picked pick up the cup as he sipped the dark-colored liquid.  They would arrive in only a few hours, and he knew that time was limited.  If their plan was to work, he couldn’t afford himself these breaks.  He needed to focus on setting aside his own opinions and stay on the task at hand.  He returned to the table, looking around the room. 

“Computer play music file Harrington 3,” he requested.  He picked up his coffee as the music started to play.  Sipping the drink, he turned the computer terminal to face him.  It was time to see what made the Koruku tick and how they could use that to accomplish this task.  The sooner this was over, the sooner they would all be back on Starbase 72.