Part of USS Galileo: Principium and Bravo Fleet: Phase 2: Horizon

Red-Headed Tornado

USS Galileo
Late September 2399
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The annoyance on Astrid’s face had to be very apparent; she was not at all happy about the new assignment. She had liked her time on Deep Space 27. She could be who she wanted to be, and no one would say anything to her, leastwise the Commanding Officer. 

She had been asked to join the USS Galileo as the Executive Officer. “From all indications, this could be the worst mistake I ever made.” She thought. 

The ship seemed to hold together, but as she walked towards the Commanding Officer’s ready room, she saw looks that were concerning from the other crew. This reminded her of the time she won a LongSword championship and accidentally injured the judge, thinking they were an opponent. 

She proceeded to press the chime and enter the office. Ahead she saw a sight that her eyes had never dreamed of. She stopped and thought, “Well, it’s as good a time as any to show the Commander how I am.”

“Hello Commander, you look really attractive, and currently, that’s all I have to say.” She stated in a thick Scottish accent then proceeded to bow mockingly. 

She turned and immediately left the office, going to find out where her new quarters would be. 

Astrid’s approach on command was not that of any other officer, and it was a miracle she had not been kicked out of Starfleet. What she lacked in manners or being nice, she made up for in her skills, which is why she was still an officer. She wasn’t one to mince words, and more times than not, she said what she wanted and didn’t really care if it hurt other’s feelings. 

She smirked as she recalled telling the Chief Engineer on the Station that they had probably done some of the dumbest things she had ever seen. He needed to learn his job better. It may not have come across in the best manner, but that Engineer completely changed the attitude in which they worked, and the Stations Engineering is one of the best around. 

Astrid could cause problems for the Galileo, but what’s the fun in playing it safe when you can wreak havoc. Her motto is “Do it now and don’t think about it later.”

Her thoughts were interrupted by a tap on her shoulder. She turned and saw the hunk of a Commander looking at her most confused. She smirked, “Oh hi, Sir! Did you need something?” 

“So many things to say and very little time to say it all in,” Neil was a bit floored at the Officer’s comment.  “I am not sure how things operated in your previous assignments,” he looked at her rank, “Lieutenant Commander but here a bit more professionalism.  Especially from the ship’s Executive Officer.”  

He looked over at the Officer as his brain drifted off.  He couldn’t help but wonder how in the hell this Commander had been assigned as his XO.  Were there no qualified Officers?  Was this a punishment?  Or was this par for the course given the Galileo’s flare for ending careers?

“Commander Neil Harrington,” he introduced himself properly, “And you are?”

Astrid realized the new boss was going to need some loosening up. She sighed, “Lieutenant Commander Astrid Fleming. My professionalism is just fine. I had other things to do before getting to talk to you.

She tossed a PADD at him, “You want the information on me; here it is. I do not do things like everyone else, but I still get results.” 

She looked at the man and rolled her eyes in her thoughts. “I won’t change my ways, but I’ll humor the boss and try to be “professional.” She thought before waiting to see the Commander’s remarks. 

“I have to admit, I don’t consider myself a by-the-books Officer,” Neil admitted. “I can let my hair down when required,” he explained. “However, introducing one’s self to their Commanding Officer as ‘hey you’re hot,’” he couldn’t remember exactly what she said as he blushed, “not exactly how I would expect a Senior Officer to handle a first introduction.” 

He thought he heard one of the bridge officers’ laugh, but it was rather subtle.  He was actually starting to wonder if her placement here was a joke.  Who did she know that helped her get this position?  “But, I suppose we can forgive an odd introduction,” he smirked as he looked down at the padd she handed him, reviewing her record.

Astrid saw the blush in the Commander’s cheeks and smiled. She whispered so only the Commander could hear it, “It may not be the best introduction, but it’s the truth..” 

She looked to see if the bridge officers were around when she was satisfied no one was looking. She gave him a peck on the cheek. “Now, Commander, is it all that bad?” 

She could have pushed it, but she had a feeling the Commander wouldn’t say anything from the reaction after the kiss. 

“Commander,” he exclaimed.  Having just recently divorced his own wife, this was the last thing he needed.  He could feel the heat building in his cheeks, the burning sensation creeping up his face.  He was sure his cheeks were as red as his uniform.  “I ummm,” he paused.  Now he was debating if, instead of a joke, possibly her assignment here was a relief from her previous Captain.  She was definitely forward and direct. 

He tugged at his uniform, uncertain of what to say next, hoping that every conversation with Astrid wasn’t going to go this way.  “Definitely a very different way of reporting for duty,” he didn’t know what to say.  She had completely thrown him off his guard, and he was at a loss for words. 

The apparent loss of words was all Astrid needed to see to know the Commander liked the introduction. 

She smirked and whispered in his ear, “Why don’t we go to your ready room for a better introduction.” The entire appearance of the Commander’s face turned just as red as before. 

“Sir, are you ok? Do you need medical attention?” She teased, loving the whole situation. 

The Commander would learn that Astrid was not like any other officer he would ever meet, but it also helped that he was “hot” as she so eloquently put it. 

Neil darn near dropped his padd, as he coughed, attempting to regain his composure.  “No,…I.. think,” he stammered, “I think the previous introduction was just,” he coughed, “fine.”   He turned as he headed to the nearest lift, praying she didn’t follow, “you have the bridge,” his voice cracked, “Commander.” 

“Deck 3,” he ordered the lift with a bit more force than usual.  A cold shower and a regroup, that was the only thing on his mind at the moment.  He debated for a moment if he could just work out of his quarters and avoid the XO for a bit.  However, a part of him seriously thought that not even that would stop her.   

Astrid watched the Commander walk away and turned, proceeding to the Captain’s Chair and sitting down, propping her feet up. This might be a more exciting assignment than she first thought. 

The Commander was smart, but she could tell Harrington was thinking about what she had said. She wasn’t usually forward when it came to a man, but her whole career had been the same type of approach even with the people she worked with. Astrid had a reputation, and it wouldn’t take long before the Galileo was in the stories of those same people.