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USS Vesta
October 2399
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Telia had all but gotten settled in, very quickly one might add as they were now underway towards their next assignment, which made her wonder what had happened in their last mission that caused such an uproar during their briefing. The infirmary was fairly quiet other than a few minor injuries coming in, mostly from engineering.

“Coffee, black,” she said walking into her office making a beeline for the replicator which sprung to life. The hums of the replicator and the lights swirling around the cup appeared, the sweet smell of the caffeinated beverage sprung up to her nostrils. After picking it up she walked over to her desk which was directly in the center of her office.

On the wall across from her desk were many screens with monitors to each of the biobeds, which was used to keep track of the vitals of a patient that might be occupying any one of the many beds both in the infirmary, and recovery unit. She was also equipped with a surgical unit for any major surgery that couldn’t be taken care of in the Infirmary.

Pulling up the file that Commander Kriia had put together on the people of Kepara. She began to read the report, they were almost identical to humans in most regard with some slight differences though internally, externally they looked just like humans. Going over every detail of the report that she didn’t hear the doors open.

“Anything interesting?” Jeesa said as she walked in which startled Teila.

“Just reading over the report from Commander Kriia about the people from Kepara,” she said as she showed her the report. “They seem to be almost identical to humans with some slight differences internally,” she said as Jeesa glanced at the report.

“That is interesting, so it wouldn’t be too hard to blend in,” Jeesa commented as she nodded in response. 

“So what are you working on?” Teila asked looking at her.

“Was on my way down to Astrometrics Lab to do some digging on what we already have on the Tkon, thought I stop in to see what you were doing,” Jeesa said looking at her as Teila light up like a Christmas tree. “Do you mind if I tag along?” Teila asked with a bit of excitement in her voice which caused Jeesa to chuckle before nodding her head. “Sure why not, wouldn’t mind the company and you might see something I miss.” She replied as Teila got up from her desk and the two women walked out of the infirmary towards the Astrometrics Lab.

Damir Jahraus was working at one of the many consoles that were in the lab, he was going over the many scans from the USS Lune as well as what the Vesta and taken while in orbit during their last mission. The doors opened, both women walked in chatting not realizing that Jahraus was in there, he looked over at the pair but went back to work.

“Hello Commander,” Teila said with a bright smile, Damir just nodded as he was working. He was reserved and didn’t like small talk and normally he preferred to work alone but he knew this mission would be out of the question.

Teila thought it was strange as she looked at Jeesa who just shrugged as they walked over to another console to access information about what they already knew about the Tkon Empire which wasn’t very much. ‘Wonder if he is always like that?’ Teila said telepathically to Jeesa so he wouldn’t hear them chat.

‘He could just be that quiet, wants to work instead of meaningless chit-chat,’ Jeesa replied as they both chuckled which caused Damir to look up as they realized they chuckled out loud and not in their heads. “Just thought of something funny, sorry.” Teila covered which caused Damir to just roll his eyes, shutting down the console he walked out of the lab.

“That was stupid Teila,” Zoran said to herself as she shook her head. “Don’t worry about it,” Jeesa reassured her as they began to work on finding anything of use.


“What is with all this secrecy?” Tajir asked looking at the Captain in the privacy of her ready room. Adams looked at him, she knew it would have been a matter of time before he questioned her. “Tajir, I know things have been strange as of late. We have known each other for a long time. There are just things that I can’t discuss, things that maybe once you become a Captain you will understand.” Adams said in a calm voice compared to his.

“I just need you to continue to trust me, the crew needs that right now,” Adams said looking at him as he sighed in frustration. “I just don’t like this Makayla, what if we are seen?” He asked looking at her, “I just don’t understand why Command needs anything they can find on the Tkon, why now.” He inquired as he walked over to the window looking out seeing the stars fly by as they were at warp.

Getting up from her desk and joining him at the window, placing a hand on his shoulder. “I know, there are just things that are classified just that they are wanting to know everything we can find about them and what it has to do with the Horizon system.” Adams replied before continuing on, “I will take all the precautions not to be seen by the locals I promise Tajir.” She replied squeezing his shoulder just enough to set him at ease.

Looking at her for a moment, letting out a sigh “alright, but we will keep active transport signal on the away team in case there is any inclination of trouble.” Tajir replied causing Adams to smile, “I don’t expect anything different.” Adams replied as they both stood there for a few moments staring out into space. 

“It will be a few hours before we reach the Kepara system, why don’t we go get some lunch?” Tajir asked as there was really no need to sit here and sulk over things that can’t be changed.

“That would be good,” Adams said with a smile as they both headed out of the ready room and towards the turbo lift to take them to the officer’s mess hall. Once they arrived they both ordered what they wanted and took a seat at a table away from the majority of the people that were in there so they could talk quietly.

“So, when are you and Sari getting married as you have yet to set a date and it’s been what over two years since you two got engaged?” Adams asked wondering, “we have both been busy so we haven’t really had the time to set a date.” Tajir said as he looked at her taking a bite of his food.

“You don’t have to plan anything extravagant, If you want I can even perform the ceremony right here on the Vesta after this is all over,” Adams replied though not trying to force him to do something he isn’t ready for but just giving ideas.

He sat there quietly for a moment thinking about what the Captain had said, it would be an honor for her to marry them since they had been so close of friends and colleagues for so many years. “I’ll talk it over with Sari when I contact her tonight see what she thinks.” Tajir finally spoke up looking up at her, she smiled and nodded.

“When are you going to settle down?” Tajir looked at her, he knew she hadn’t been with anyone in a long time since her breakup with her long-time boyfriend Kovan a Klingon Chief Operations Officer aboard the Relentless. They were together for five years before he broke it off, resigned from Starfleet, and went back to Qonos’. She looked at him and just shrugged, “I don’t know.” She simply said before taking a bite of food trying to think of something else to talk about.

He could tell she was uncomfortable and didn’t say much more, it had been a long time since the last time they just spent time as friends talking. She couldn’t imagine him not being her first officer, they just had that connection and worked well together. They would spend the next hour talking as they ate before they went back to the bridge as they would be arriving at Kepara within a few hours.