Bravo Fleet v. Amanda Rose, Beeman, ConfusedFire (BFM-004)

Case Overview

November 10, 2020

Trial Type
Trial by Magistrate

Amanda Rose, Beeman, ConfusedFire

Defense Counsel

Presiding Magistrate



If you have a question about this trial, please contact the Bravo Fleet Magistrate's Office.

Bravo Fleet Magistrate


The Defendant, Amanda Rose, Beeman, ConfusedFire, is charged with the following violations as defined by Section 4 of the Magistrate Code.

  • 1x Abuse of Power (Plea: None)

    No member shall use their position, tenure or any other membership status to unfairly benefit themselves or others with rewards or promotions; or to unfairly influence any Bravo Fleet proceeding.

  • 1x Harassment (Plea: None)

    No member shall engage in persistent harassment or torment, or outrageous attacks on any other member. This includes statements and actions taken to attack a member’s real-life political affiliation, family or significant other, gender, race, color, age, disability, creed, heritage, nationality or sexual orientation. This article extends to cover harassment through the distribution of personal information, the creation of groups or modes of communication for the purpose of attacking the member, and unwanted contact with the member through non-internet means of communication. Harassment punished under this article must be to the extent and of the form that would injure a reasonable person of normal sensibilities; mere mocking does not suffice.

  • 1x Disreputable Behavior (Plea: None)

    No member shall partake in any action that brings disrepute onto themselves, the fleet as a whole, or any independent fleet, ship, or individual member. Actions include those done by a member, either within or outside traditional Bravo Fleet activities and communication channels, that reflect on the above parties, such as: treason, acts to sabotage, stealing of property, or any conduct forbidden by these articles.


(Note: These bans are not from an actual Magistrate trial that took place, but only for informational and archival purposes. These members were banned during a time when Bravo Fleet had no judicial process, and through the actions of these people, no distinct leadership.)

The above named Defendants were part of the previous Bravo Fleet Admiralty. Through their actions, and inaction, the web assets of the fleet were very nearly shut down.

As the current BFA was beginning the process of transferring of assets and administration, two of the three above listed defendants threatened legal action against the Fleet, with the third being the lead bad actor from among the previous administration and later threatening legal action.


Exhibit A

Archived BFA discussion area, and the Think Tank discussion areas of the Bravo Fleet discord were reviewed in making this decision.

This exhibit is not available to the public.

Exhibit A

PM from Amanda Rose threatening legal action

Exhibit A

PM from Confusedfire threatening legal action

Magistrate Opinion

There are numerous things that can be said of the previous Bravo Fleet Administration. The current sitting Magistrate was part of the Fleet at the time that they were in charge of administrating and maintaining fleet assets. Rather than providing for continuity at the time that they were informed that current hosting was going to be revoked, they neglected to act except to release a statement indicating a former BFA member who had already left the Fleet, and only began to act in a manner to preserve continuity with mere hours left to do so.

After the current BFA was in place, the three listed Defendants continued to act in a manner unbecoming of a member or leader of Bravo Fleet.


Official Verdict

The Bravo Fleet Magistrate (QuodEroSpero) has reached the following verdict with regards to the Defendant (Amanda Rose, Beeman, ConfusedFire).

  • The Defendant is found GUILTY on 1 count of Abuse of Power.
  • The Defendant is found GUILTY on 1 count of Harassment.
  • The Defendant is found GUILTY on 1 count of Disreputable Behavior.

Defendant's Sentence

A summary of the Defendant's sentence, as defined by Section 5 and Section 6 of the Magistrate Code.

These bans were issued at a time when the Fleet had no active Judicial System, and were largely put in place to preserve the Fleet’s integrity, due to the threat of legal action.

After a thorough review of chat logs from the archived BFA and Think Tank area of the Bravo Fleet Discord, these bans will stand in perpetuity.