Makayla Adams

USS Vesta  •  Task Force 93, Devron Fleet Yards

Task Force 93 Commanding Officer
162x Service Ribbon
124x Duty Ribbon
34x Strategic Action Ribbon
4x Campaign Ribbon
18x Dedication Ribbon
18x Combat Action Ribbon
3x Legacy Ribbon
1x Christopher Pike Medal of Valor
2x Silver Palm
1x Meritorious Service Cross
2x Starfleet Silver Star
2x Starfleet Bronze Star
4x Action Medal with Galaxy Cluster
4x Action Medal with Star Cluster
4x Action Medal with Planet Cluster
1x Starfleet Medal of Commendation
3x Legacy Medal
Name Position Status
Commanding Officer, USS Vesta
Chief Science Officer
Task Force 93 Commanding Officer, Devron Fleet Yards
Chief Strategic Operations Officer, USS Vesa
Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Vesta
Chief Science Officer, USS Vesta
Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Vesta
Chief Engineering Officer, USS Vesta
Chief Medical Officer, USS Vesta
Chief Operations Officer, USS Vesta
Command Adjutant to the Task Force Commander, Devron Fleet Yards
Executive Officer, USS Vesta


Command Staff Badge
Command At Sea
Raptor’s Wing Challenge Coin
Brick of Latinum

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