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Fleet Admiral

Mike Bremer

Reserves, Fourth Fleet Reserves

Bravo Fleet Magistrate
3x Duty Ribbon
23x Dedication Ribbon
8x Legacy Ribbon
1x Christopher Pike Medal of Valor
1x Starfleet Medal of Commendation
13x Legacy Medal
Name Position Status


Command Staff Badge
Command At Sea

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    Task Force 99 Operational Report Task Group Ares Sim Focus: Ares Operational Theater Starbase 400: It's the year 2396, and a time of war for the Alpha and Beta [...]

  • New sims join TF99

      Good afternoon,  It's with great pleasure that I announce some new additions to Task Force 99.  First, we have three sims that moved over from TF93 to TF99. The USS [...]

  • Changes to TF99

    Good afternoon everyone. Task Force 99 recently went through a complete reorganization of its divisions. Where as before, most divisions in TF99 focused on a particular [...]

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