Medal of Achievement

Those who receive the Medal of Achievement have shown a strong level of activity within their Task Force or Task Group through gaming, participation and placement in competitions and events, or having worked on small-scale projects.

Feb 12, 2017


My reasons for nominating Kaichi for this award are very simple. Without her faith and dedication to the sim, USS Venture, it would not be what it is today. Eversince I have known her, she’s possessed the quiet drive and resilience in spite of rather damning odds: ie: Post numbers declining, players leaving, lack of player motivation, lack of self motivation. Instead, she didn’t give up, she went out there, recruited folks, myself included (she worked on me for several long months) and I’ve not regretted accepting the invitation in the end. Her faith in her crew and their abilities is truly commendable and has proven right as together we have managed to draw out the best from them and breathe a new life into the Venture. She sat down with me and presented her desires and ideas for the direction of this sim and has been the guiding beacon for us all.

The Venture is on the rise because of the faith and work Kaichi has put into it. With her main character and several NPCs to help carry along and fluff up the storyline, she has managed to help enrich what is shaping up to be a truly enjoyable sim. There is no task too difficult for her when needing to assist a fellow player in fleshing out their own charater or assisting with joint posts, whether through her main character or any number of her NPCs (listed below).

At the same time, she keeps a firm hand when discipline is needed and has handled the incidents that had arisen over the past quarter to a minimum and handled with proffessionalism.