Yanrel Vex's Rank Record

  • Promoted to Captain

    • Battlefield promotion for Phase III of Fleet Action II: The Echoes of the Tkon!
    18 September 2021
  • Promoted to Commander

    • Since his last promotion in April of 2020, Aelle has earned ribbons and medals for participation in nearly every aspect of Bravo Fleet, as noted in the citation for his recent Meritorious Service Cross in April, which included praise for his performance in our two large-scale fleet events in the past twelve months: Raptor’s Wings last summer and the Archanis Campaign this spring. It is these large events where Aelle shines, and in recent months he has stepped up to offer competitions of his own (four of them, as of this nomination) and between late May and early June, he’s already earned two Action Medals with Galaxy Clusters and two Action Medals with Planet clusters, as well as 8 service ribbons for his fiction on the forums, 22 Combat Action Ribbons for group actions in Star Trek: Online and a campaign ribbon for achieving a maximum level character in that game. All of this shows Aelle’s continued desire and ability to participate in multiple aspects of the fleet, and I applaud this recent burst of activity! For his activity over the last fourteen months, I am pleased to nominate Aelle for promotion to the rank of Commander. Congratulations on this milestone!

      –RADM Thomas Belvedere, Task Force 72 Commanding Officer

    11 June 2021
  • Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

    • For active participation above and beyond in the Osiris Initiative prelaunch event!

    24 April 2020
  • 19 April 2020